About Us

House of XOXO was born out of the friendship between Josiah & Billie and their love for the sea and travelling!

Billie Jacobina obtained a BA Hons degree from the University For The Creative Arts near London. Billie was selected to show at Graduate Fashion week in 2016 and is best known for her brightly coloured textile prints. She has won Fashion Scouts 'One's to Watch' award and shown her collections at London fashion week, Jakarta Fashion week and Kyiv Fashion week. She now runs Bop by Billie and owns an embroidery business.

Josiah Carter travelled the world working on Super Yachts, 16 hour days were somehow more bearable in the surroundings of the South Pacific, Mediterranean and Caribbean seas. In 2018 Josiah was chosen as a Crew member for the hit Reality TV series “Below Deck” and Bravo TV’s new show “Galley Talk” where he and other former crew members watch and review the latest season’s of Below Deck, both have been serialised in many countries around the world gaining him a large following on social media.

Friendship. Billie and Josiah grew up in the same South Devon coastal village in England and were childhood friends, in their teens they worked together in the local pub, and have remained friends since leaving the village to pursue their respective careers.

The Present. One day Josiah received a package in the post, it was a sweatshirt sent from Billie who was designing clothes by this time, Billie had embroidered a simple XOXO on the front. It was a reference to the name of their WhatsApp chat, having watched Gossip Girl together they named their chat “Gossip” Noss, (Noss Mayo is the village where they worked together in the pub), they always ended their Gossip fuelled messages to one another with XOXO. It stands for hugs and kisses.

Birth of the Brand. Josiah happened to be wearing his favourite XOXO hoodie on Galley Talk and people asked where he got it from, people seemed to love the XOXO branding, they had an affinity for it, many new it meant hugs and kisses others just liked the look of it.

XOXO for YOU With Billie’s background in Fashion and Josiah’s love of the outdoors and sense of style, they’ve joined forces to create House of  XOXO the brand and make available to everyone hoodies, sweatshirts and T shirts  oh and  a couple of tote bags, maybe they’ll be other things in the future but for now these are the things they would wear and use back home by the sea side, in the pub and on a walk.   

They hope you like them and that wearing them brings lots of hugs and kisses.